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Bird and Pigeon Control Service in Sydney


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* One bedroom
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GP (General Pests) Treatment

All GP Packages include up to 16 different pests


Red back, Huntsman, Daddy long legs, Black house, Garden spiders, Trap door spider


American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, Smoky brown, Brown banded

Other pests like

Wasps, Crickets, Silverfish, Carpet Beetles, Casing moths

$209starting From
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Addon Services:

*Addons : When included in the GP Packages

Rats and mice $99 (3 months warranty and two stations Included)

German cockroaches $99 (3 months warranty)

Ants $99(3 months warranty)

Ground burrowing spiders like Funnel Web, Mouse Spider, Trap Door, Etc for $55 (6 months warranty)

Kitchen moths $55 (3 months warranty)

Bird and Pigeon  Control in Sydney

Are you looking for a reliable bird removal service in Sydney? Then, you have flown to the right place (irony!). Birds are a part of life, but they can become a menace and turn into a pest when nesting on your roof, gutter, or near the window.

These birds create noise nuisance, also damages the property and invites bugs, rodents, bacteria and fungi. This leads to infections, allergies and diseases, making the premise unhygienic and unhealthy. An effective bird control service removes the nests, maintains the roof’s cleanliness, and keeps the pest infested area hygienic.

Look for a reliable pigeon control service that provides a guaranteed solution to all your bird control needs.

SRM Termite and Pest Control provides an effective pigeon control service in Sydney
Before you underestimate the problem, it is important to know why you need bird control services in Sydney.

    • You might think pigeons are harmless, but they create a lot of infestation problems. Since these birds are dirty, noisy, and once they build a nest in a comfortable place, you can’t move them.
    • Overlooking their involvement near your home can invite many health issues, and the infestation can go out of your hand. With SRM Pest Control, we don’t want you to experience this trouble. If you see an infestation of pigeons flying around; don’t hesitate, call us, right away.
    • A reliable service of pigeons control in Sydney can help you maintain your premise- clean, hygiene and pest-free.

Chirping birds look great in a garden, but the ones flying and nesting in and around your house can make you sick. We don’t want you to deal with this mess. Be it your home or workplace; we will help you eliminate bird infestation without causing any hassle.
With our bird control service in Sydney, we ensure that the pigeon infestations don’t go out of your hand, giving you and your family- a safe zone to live in.

Opting for pigeon control service in Sydney isn’t hate for the innocent bird, but taking care and prioritising the health of you and your family

    • People don’t realise that pigeons carry as much risk as mice or even a rodent. They fly long distance, carrying bacteria of faecal waste that could lead to food poisoning through salmonella. It can also lead to histoplasmosis development (an infection caused due to bird droppings and damage to the lungs).
    • Pigeons not only harm your health but also damage your property. Pigeons (believe it or not) can dislodge roof shingles, block the drains, and can even corrode building material. The longer you overlook the infestation, the more damage they will cause.
    • Pigeons are aggressive, especially towards small pets, rodents and other birds. They can tease, harm, and peck and flap their wings rigorously on kids and the pets at your home. Such behaviour is alarming and disruptive, especially in commercial properties. You don’t want your customers to run away due to pigeons’ menace (and their droppings).Suffering from bird nuisance? It’s time to call a reliable bird control service in Sydney and get in touch with an expert to handle the crisis.

Eliminating and Abatement


When it comes to eliminating pigeon problems and controlling them, it is essential to know the place of their nesting. Places such as construction sites (gap areas), attics and window spaces are an unsaid home in this concrete world. Other areas are, roof deck, patio, beam or backyard, they gather on chimneys and ledges and nest for seasons.

SRM Termite and Pest Control deals with pigeons and birds infestations. The qualified team focuses on pest control, nest removal, relocation, faeces removals and bird deterrents. Some services require one to clean the air duct and home maintenance services to maintain and facilitate a healthy environment.

SRM Termite and Pest Control renders you with the best service of bird control in Sydney. Though there are many pigeon control services in Sydney, would you want to try an inexperienced one with years of experience and a qualified team?
We have the required experience and expertise to deal with all kinds of birds infestations. It’s time to live happy and healthy, without having to worry about the pest nuisance.
If you feel the need for our services, just call us, and we will be at your disposal!

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