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Post Construction Termite Treatment

Post-Construction Termite Protection

Post-construction Anti-termite treatment is a method of termite control that is carried out on a building ready for habitation or a residence that has been occupied. This method is carried out when these pest intruders attack through surface soil and spread throughout the building to get food. Termites will rise from the ground and cause damage to all wood furniture, doors, wood frames, and others.

Anti-termite post-construction in buildings that have been attacked by termites is the right step in preventing damage to your building. If the termites are allowed to attack continuously throughout the year, it is not impossible that you have to rebuild your building. This treatment consists of drilling holes and filling it with a recommended pesticide emulsion and sealing the holes after treatment.


Protecting Your Home from Termites Post-Construction

It’s always a better choice to protect your home from termites before it is even built. However, this isn’t a decision we’re all able to make. If you are living in a home that is at risk of termites or perhaps is already infested, there will be different measures taken to protect you and your household.

They are as follow:

  • Pest control professionals will visit your home and evaluate the damage throughout the inside, the outside and even below the house.
  • The first infiltrated points will be identified, and the experts will take note of this and see how far the termites have progressed.
  • Professionals will make holes at precise distances along the exterior and interior wall and apply termite chemicals in order to create a protective barrier.
  • The chemical will also be applied on your walls and floors to ensure that the termites do not spread or relocate to another part of your home.
  • Any wooden or plywood fixtures will also be treated, especially at the places where they intersect the floor.
  • Each empty space in the masonry will have chemicals sprayed or applied into it.
  • Badly damaged furniture or features will have to be removed and replaced immediately.


Biflex Ultra is a product used to kill off pests of all sorts. It is capable of killing off spiders, termites, cockroaches, ants and fleas. Biflex Ultra- Lo -Odour Termiticide and Insecticide is a cost effective, broad spectrum, long residual, liquid insecticide and termiticide for use as an internal and external treatment of a wide range of pests.

The dual action of Biflex Ultra- Lo -Odour kills and repels subterranean termites making it ideal for long term pre-construction and post-construction termite control and protection. It’s unique EC formulation is non-staining, practically odourless, non-sensitizing and non-allergenic giving user and client comfort without sacrificing efficiency or longevity.


This product can be applied to an area through a standard spray function. It uses Bifenthrin to repel termites and other pests. It can also kill off any of these pests that might already be located in a spot. It will stick into any spot that it is applied in and will keep pests from moving around in a spot, thus making it all the more useful.


Biflex Ultra has a very low level of toxicity. It is not a carcinogen and it should be safe to use for extended periods of time. It can irritate the eyes and skin in some cases but it will not cause any serious damages to the area.

In addition, it does not create any residues that could move around in the air. There is a slight smell to it though.


The warranty that FMC Australia, the makers of this product, suggests that this product can last for years after it is used. It is able to repel termites and other pests in a property for at least ten years.

The company also uses its FMC One Million Dollar Manufacturer’s Warranty to protect customers from unexpected damages. This warranty will be valid when an annual inspection is performed by an Accredited Eflex Operator and if the application is applied by a professional who is trained to use this product on the foundation of any property.


Biflex Ultra works with about 1 g of Bifenthrin for every litre of water. It also uses 4 to 11 g/L of varying solvents alongside a mostly-water solution. At least 97% of the entire solution is made with water to help even the ingredients out.


What makes Termidor the best termite treatment

A crucial advantage Termidor has over many other products is that it doesn’t repel termites.

Termites are able to detect the older chemicals in the soil and stay away from them. That means the termites remain active and unaffected, still exploring the area and potentially looking for ways into your home.

Termites can’t detect Termidor so, as they continue to forage through the soil, they unknowingly come into contact with Termidor.

Termidor kills termites through contact and ingestion.

Because they can’t detect Termidor, termites are not aware of ingesting the product when they eat. They go about their routine activities and will still be killed by contact with Termidor even when they are not feeding.

Another key advantage of termites’ inability to detect Termidor is that they carry it back to the nest on their bodies and pass it on to other termites – the devastating Genuine Termidor Transfer Effect.

Termites are social insects that live together in large colonies and feed and groom each other. So, termites that have come into contact with Termidor soon pass it on to others. Even those secondarily affected termites can also pass Termidor on through feeding or contact.

Termidor can control whole termite populations faster than any other treatment, but it is relatively slow-acting in individual termites. This means termites have ample time before dying to spread Termidor to their nest, and the entire colony.

How to turn termites Inside-Out 

Termidor now comes in two formulations, Termidor Dust and Termidor Residual Termiticide (Termidor), the perfect combination, both inside and outside your home, to ensure complete termite nest elimination and full protection from future termite attack. 

Termidor Dust 

Termidor Dust is the culmination of over 10 years research in Australia to find the perfect termite nest elimination product. Termidor Dust is applied by professional Pest Control Operators directly on to the termites, either inside your house or onto activity around the yard (trees, fences etc). Termidor Dust is also perfect for treating active termite bait stations. 

After treatment, the termites carry the dust particles on their bodies and eventually back to the nest (where ever that may be) via the unique Transfer EffectTM. Extensive Australian research proves that it takes as little as 2 to 4 weeks for total termite elimination. This is much faster than expensive baiting systems and you will not require numerous visits from the Pest Control Operator to achieve success. Eradication of one termite colony with Termite Dust does not guarantee protection from a future attack by other colonies in the area. Termite dusting is not designed and should not be used as a stand- alone treatment. Therefore, a continuous chemical treatment such as Termidor Residual Termiticide should be applied immediately following successful eradication of termite activity in the home to ensure protection in the future. 

Termidor Residual Termiticide 

Termidor is applied as a continuous chemical soil zone around and under the home. Some termiticides are repellent and rely on keeping termites away from treated structures. While such products are toxic to termites, very few of the termites are actually killed before being repelled by the termiticide barrier. As a result, termites remain alive and actively seek gaps in the barrier in order to gain access to the building. They do this day after day, year after year until they find a way through. 

Termidor is non-repellent to termites. This means that they cannot detect the product and will not avoid the treated area. As a result, termites continue to randomly forage through the soil until they encounter Termidor and pick up a lethal dose.

How does Termidor work? 

Termidor moves only a small distance outward from the site of application before binding tightly to organic matter in the soil. This means that Termidor concentration decreases with increasing distance from the site. 

Termites first come into contact with Termidor at the edge of the treated zone as they tunnel through the soil towards the home. At this point, the product is at its lowest concentration. Those termites that do not immediately continue tunnelling into the Termidor treated zone will survive long enough to transfer Termidor to others in the colony through normal feeding and grooming. 

This unique Transfer EffectTM is devastating to other termites not directly exposed to the Termidor treated zone, and indeed may wipe out the entire colony. If termites continue to tunnel into the treated soil where Termidor concentration is higher, they will die more quickly. This means that Termidor is two termite treatments in one.

Termindor HE High-Effeciency Termiticide

Termidor has been recognised as the best termite treatment available since it was launched over 15 years ago. Now new Termidor HE (as in ‘High Efficiency’) makes it much simpler to create even more flexible and consistent protection against termites for your home.

Termidor HE is an advanced ‘high efficiency’ formulation that sets a new benchmark in termite control and convenience for Australian Professional Pest Managers. Termidor HE makes it simple to create a more uniform treated zone with reduced impact on the site. Proprietary Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) enhances the transport of the active ingredient into the soil to provide improved protection. Like all Termidor products, this new formulation is supported by BASF and the Termidor brand, which has delivered unparalleled termite control to the Australian market in 2002. 

The superior performance and flexibility of Termidor HE coupled with the strength of the Termidor brand all adds up to extra value and profitability for pest control businesses as you offer a more efficient service that provides your customers with extra peace of mind.

Features Benefits
More efficient application Termidor HE reduces the need for much of the disruption, digging and drilling typically required with a standard liquid termiticide application, resulting in: • Flexible drill hole spacing – up to 450 mm apart • Less digging with shallower trench depths • On average, 33% shorter treatment times* • Increased customer satisfaction due to less distribution around their home • Less wear and tear on your equipment
New Advanced Polymer Technology State-of-the-art Advanced Polymer Technology dramatically improves the transport of the Termidor HE’s active ingredient into the soil on application, creating an enhanced protection zone around the structure being treated.
Genuine Transfer Effect Termidor HE’s unique Transfer Effect ensures the powerful active ingredient can be passed effectively throughout the population, ensuring termites continue to interact with the termiticide without detection or disruption in behaviour – leading to unsurpassed levels of efficacy, long-term residual control and reduced call backs.
Application flexibility Termidor HE’s wider drill hole spacing and shallower trench depths allows for treatment convenience when treating around complex footing designs or when trying to avoid utilities and obstructions around structures. The flexible drill hole spacing can also help minimise damage to your customers’ expensive landscaping, paving and tiled areas – allowing you to provide a premium service which you can trust.

Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System

Trelona ATBS – A revolution in termite baiting technology
Termite baiting is designed to protect structures by eliminating foraging termites around your home. The Trelona ATBS Advance Termite Baiting System has been developed to allow pest management professionals the opportunity to tailor the most appropriate termite management solution, for any Australian home.

Trelona ATBS combines the latest research in termite behavior with the most advanced termite bait system to provide:

  1. A sturdy and discrete bait station, designed to encourage station interception and feeding
  2. A system which can be applied as both a monitoring or an active system, providing year-round protection
  3. An advanced bait matrix, containing revolutionary termite bait technology that makes it irresistible to termites
  4. The only system, specifically designed to be used in with the Termidor range of products

What to expect from Trelona

Prior to installation of Trelona ATBS, a pest management professional will conduct an inspection of your home to determine, what management of termites within your home is required, what remedial steps may be required and the most appropriate installation and management plan for your home and circumstances.

On installation, ATBS stations will be installed around your home, at approximately 3 metre spacings. Your pest management professional will then identify the required inspections period, which may vary from one to six monthly intervals, depending on the level of activity, sites risks and the type of system to be installed (monitoring vs. active).

Trelona ATBS and Termidor – Combined protection, unmatched piece of mind

The unique advantage of Trelona ATBS is that it can be used in combination with Termidor Residual termiticide and insecticide and Termidor HE high-efficiency termiticide.

Termidor has been the most trusted name in termite control since 2002 and has been the benchmark for termiticides in the Australian market. This trusted technology can now be combined with the most advanced baiting system available.

Due to termite risk or construction design, a combined treatment may provide the most adequate and thorough protection for your home (Figure 1). Where required or in instances where additional “piece of mind” is desired, your pest management professional may design a treatment plan combining the power of these two trusted technologies.


This is method tends to be more successful in exterminating termites in one treatment (Trelona ATBS inserted into ground requires quarterly inspections).

SRM has completed training and been certified by Termidor in how to apply their products, which allows us to provide the best options for eliminating termite infestations and preventing them from reinfecting your home.

We offer you the highest level of termite protection on paper as well as in the ground.

With every full barrier Termidor treatment you receive the Termidor 


The Termidor Assurance Warranty is unique.

It covers your home for structural damage up to $2 million. It also guarantees that your home has been treated by an accredited SRM Termidor applicator using genuine Termidor – not one of the many inferior copies like unfortunately some other companies use.

All you have to do is register online once your Termidor barrier treatment has been completed, for full details and terms & conditions click on the following link – https://www.termidor.com.au/2-million-dollar-warranty/

Don’t accept second best termicides when it comes to exterminating or protecting your valuable home, demand the most advanced product available on the market today, Termidor!

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