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Pre Construction Termite Barriers

Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Termites are dreaded the world over; these minute creatures are attracted to damp and moist places where they breed at a steady pace and expand their colonies. They burrow through tunnels and wreak havoc on the wooden features of a building or home. What makes the problem worse is that these creatures are very silent and elusive and you won’t really notice their presence as they slowly eat through various timber features.

Most people realise they have a termite problem only when some wooden structure in their home gives way, they detect hollowness in the wood or they find timber furniture, columns and beams eaten-through and damaged by termites. But by this time the harm has already been done and the termite infestation would have spread to several sections of your home or commercial structure.

The other concern is that most home insurance companies don’t cover termite damage and that means you end up paying for all the subsequent repairs etc. which can become a major financial burden. If you have an existing property, the one way to prevent termites from causing this kind of damage is to get regular preventative termite control treatments done. But if you are planning on building a new home, you should consider getting pre-construction termite treatment done.

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment is a method to protect buildings / houses from termite attacks that can occur in the future. This method is carried out when the building is being built or when new construction is being started.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Benefits

The upfront cost of these treatments may seem a little high compared to post-construction treatments. And since homeowners have a certain budget for building their home, many find this additional expense to be a burden and may choose not to get pre-construction termite treatment done. However, the benefits of pre-construction termite treatment significantly outweigh the costs such as:

  • Pre-construction termite protection is comprehensive and creates a barrier that termites can’t penetrate and this means your home is less likely to be attacked by termites in the first place.
  • No need to drill on the building floor
  • The treatment process does not interfere with your activities
  • Maximum protection due to spraying can be done in all areas
  • You won’t have to get regular post-construction treatments done and that will save you a considerable amount of money in the long term.
  • You have peace of mind that your home isn’t at risk of termite attacks.
  • Pre-construction termite treatments also increase the resale value of your home.

Protecting Your Home from Termites Pre-Construction

There are a couple of stages in the process of pre-construction termite treatment that will have to be out in order to assure that your home’s structure is safe from termite infestation. The most popular pre-construction termite treatment option is chemically treating the soil before the foundation is even laid. The chemical layer between the soil and your structure will prevent these pests from carried penetrating and gaining access to it.

Here are the steps of a chemical treatment:

  • First, chemicals will be applied to the sides and the bottom of the excavated hole.
  • In the areas where slabs are going to be placed, experts will make sure those holes are treated with chemicals as well.
  • Any points where floors and walls meet will be treated.
  • There will be holes dug around the entire perimeter and filled with chemicals.
  • The pipe bedding will be treated to keep the pipes safe from pest damage.
  • Any wooden doors, beams, columns, cabinets or window frames will be treated with special chemicals to ward off ant termites.

Term-Seal Termite Barrier System

No matter what type of construction, this treatment is a reliable solution

Termite physical barrier systems have become as much of a necessity as any physical safety measure.

If you have recently come face to face with the problem of securing a newly constructed extension of your home or a newly acquired residential property with termite treatment, TERM-seal is the perfect solution for you.

In a nutshell, it can adapt to just about any construction or building type and offers you an unmatched combination of water-proofing your home as well as equipping it with a termite physical barrier system that won’t disappoint.

A home is the most important investment for most people. TERM-seal includes a comprehensive range of innovative products that offer termite treatment as well as act as a water-proofing treatment for your home.

The TERM-seal range of products is non-hazardous and works like a physical barrier. With an addition of 0.1% Bifenthrin, the inorganic compounds in the sealants, sheets and strips and coatings repel termites, keeping them away from discovering your building as a possible place to build their colony.

Technicians will also make use of the TERM-seal multi-purpose compound, penetration collars, and fiber reinforced membranes which contain TERM-seal compound to completely seal out any entryways for termites or water to seep in.

Why choose TERM-seal?

This physical termite barrier that doubles as an excellent waterproofing solution has several advantageous features:

  • Patent-protected
  • Versatile
  • Effective
  • Adapts well to conventional and unusual constructions
  • Termite and moisture protection

A Range of Barrier Systems That Can Fit Every Construction Type

This cost-effective treatment is designed to cover the building for as long as it lasts and is available in a range of products that are designed to suit your requirement.

  • Termite resistant sealants designed to treat construction joints
  • Penetration collars that equip the building to be termite and water-proofed
  • Termite resistant and waterproof coatings including sealants that can be used on internal walls and back-filled walls, it can also be used on perimeter systems for closed infill construction.
  • A Ura-Fen shield TWB Perimeter system, a great solution for new buildings
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Perimeter system, another alternative for new constructions.

Advantages of Term-Seal Termite Barrier System

  • The product has a 50-year waranty, however, conditions apply.
  • It is tested and covered under C.S.I.R.O. Appraisal #309.
  • It is in compliance with standard AS 3660.1.2000
  • Thoroughly compliant with A.S./N.Z.S. 4347.6 Damp-Coursing standard
  • Is installed by trained and certified installers
  • Has multi-functional usage that covers all kinds of construction joints, methods of building constructions, penetrations and retaining walls.
  • Offers a dual solution to make the premises termite and waterproof
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Accepted by local government and UV stable

Term-Seal Product Warranty – Assurance you can bank on

Manufactured to give you the peace of mind you seek, this system comes with a 50-year product warranty for the perimeter and penetration system. In order to be covered by the warranty, a yearly inspection needs to be carried out to check for maintenance, at the hands of a trained and certified inspector.

Additionally, the product warranty can only be obtained when the system is installed by one of the accredited installers. The multi-purpose coating system (for walls and external joints) is backed by a 20-year product warranty. The multi-purpose coating (for back-filled walls and waterproofing) comes with a 10-year warranty.

We are Term-Seal accredited Installers
Speak to our technicians today and get the TERM-seal advantage!

Sentricon Always Active Termite Baiting

Sentricon is a well-known effective baiting system by Dow Agro Sciences LCC. The active ingredient used in Sentricon is Noviflumuron. It is well known for its effective elimination of the queen and termite colonies.

As a complete method designed to protect your entire home from termites, it doesn’t require any additional liquid termiticide.

If your house is infested with termites or if you want to safeguard your home from any future infestation then Sentricon Baiting System is what you should consider installing.

Most baiting and monitoring systems fail at succeeding in terminating the infestation because the termites die or fall sick near the baiting procedure. Such an instance causes the other termites to avoid the bait rather than continue approaching it.

The Sentricon monitoring and baiting procedure, instead, affects the termites but doesn’t kill it instantly. Moreover, it gives the termite time to get other colony members to feed off the bait.

The Procedure


Now that we are aware of what Sentricon is and how it affects white ants approaching your building or construction, let us move on to the procedure of the treatment in Melbourne. The procedure is quite simple; you may call a professional to investigate your home for any existing termite infestation or for future protection from termites. After investigating your home, he will install monitoring station bait tubes that will be dug into the ground surrounding your building or property. The termites prefer the bait over wood and will get attracted towards it which will lead to the elimination process.

Sentricon Always Active Technology

Sentricon Always Active baiting method is a modern and unique technique used to constantly protect your house from termites that are currently residing in your house and from a future infestation. This baiting and monitoring system is a highly successful solution that is environment-friendly, non-toxic to humans and animals and is minimally invasive to your home.

Termites repeatedly shed their skin and this process is prevented due to the active ingredient in Sentricon Active Always baiting method, which is known as a termite growth regulator. The inability to shed their skin ultimately results in the death of the termite colony.

Constant monitoring is required in order to ensure that your system is still functioning well and doing its job. During the warmer seasons the stations need to be monitored every 3-5 months and during the cooler seasons, they need to be monitored after every 6 months.

If half or more of the termicide is eaten then a new termiticide rod will be inserted into your station for constant protection.

Advantages of Sentricon Always Active

  • No trenching or drilling required in the exteriors or interiors of your property.
  • Safe to use for properties with wells.
  • Cost efficient treatment.
  • Works 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Hassel free treatment.

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